Art Institutions and the Feminist

Art Institutions and the Feminist Dialectic aims to explore the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the exhibition, acquisition and preservation of feminist artwork by Ontario's public art galleries. In December 2008, the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG), in collaboration with Carla Garnet, organized a symposium that invited women curators, museum professionals and artists to bring attention to this topic, "Art Institutions and the Feminist Dialectic." Nine Canadian women visual art professionals were invited to speak at the symposium.

Download the symposium program (PDF).

An additional presentation from Carmen Mörsch, an international arts educator and researcher, is also included, presented in February 2010. The purpose of this website is to publish the transcripts, video and audio recordings of this symposium online, making them publicly available to engage a wider audience. We encourage visitors to engage with these critical practices and important presentations, as well as the additional resources and links provided by the presenters.

Thanks To:

Carla Garnet, Christine Conley, Pamela Edmonds, Johanna Householder, Kristina Huneault, Sophie Hackett, Suzy Lake, Emelie Chhangur, Allyson Mitchell, and Carmen Mörsch.

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